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The voice bots - Google/Alexa

There are two main voice providers away from smart phones that can supply ‘voice technology’ to your home. These are supplied by Google and Amazon at their relevant websites and cost between £49 and £120 for the Google Nest Hub (screen).

Amazon sells the varying Alexa devices from £49 - £220 which can control just about any connected device you can think of, whether you want to turn your heating or lights on remotely or just simply ask it a question on general knowledge.

Using the Chat/Text Bot

Using the text or ‘chat’ bot couldn’t be easier!

Once you have paid for the service you will be offered the chance to use a Chat, or Text bot, this will be available on screen as a widget much the same as if you were using other online services, such as banking or telephone services.

The bot works by typing simple questions in and pressing Enter or Submit, these questions could be something like:

“Read me a story from 1944”


“Read me a story about Norwich City Football club”

The results will then be returned in the form of three randomly selected stories, click on the one that interests you the most to access it.

Using the Search Facility

The search tool is the best way of returning the items you want by including specific details about the story you are after.

You can have up to ten fields that search on the following:

Exact headline, such as “Man walks on the Moon”

Exact date of story being published (though remember it will likely be reported one or two days after the event” such as “Sinking of Titanic” 15th of April 1912

Text in body – this can be used where the main headline might be unknown but you know key details, such as, “Titanic, sinks,1912”

Entities – so key words, such as, “Titanic, tragedy, drowned”

You can use as many or as few search fields as you like, up to a maximum of ten.

The EDP wasn’t printed on Sunday’s so think of choosing a day later if you don’t get the results you expected.

The entire EDP archive runs to an impressive 758,000 pages that comprises of millions of articles, this requires a lot of time and editing to get them into the bots, check our available content tables to see if the content you are after has been scanned at this time.

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