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Setting up your voice bot
  1. Head over to https://alexa.amazon.co.uk (or Google equivalent) and sign in with the Amazon/Google account that you use for personal business.
  2. Click the link... To be confirmed/provided
  3. The skill should now be displayed
  4. Click Enable Skill
  5. Every device signed into the same Amazon/Google account will now have access to The EDP skill.

*Remember* you must either have an Amazon Alexa/Echo or a Google Assistant. Alternatively you can use the Amazon Alexa App or Google Assistant, downloaded on a compatible smart phone. The services are available in the links below. You will need to be logged in to the account created above, in step one.

Logging in

You can login to your account at www.localrecall.co.uk/login using your surname and subscription account number.

  1. The voice search is not picking up my question and responds with "sorry, I didn't understand your/that question"
  2. Are you speaking slowly and clearly, check for any background noise that may be interfering with your question.

  3. There is an error in the story that is being read out to me and the story doesn't make sense.
  4. Please report the article by saying at the conclusion "Report this article", this will send it back to the editing suite so it can be corrected.

  5. I cannot find the story I am after.
  6. Please make sure the details you are asking are correct such as the date and place. Your story might not be available on the service yet. You can check the years currently available at www.localrecall.co.uk/login We are adding new content to the service every day so the article you are looking for may be available soon.

  7. I'm having problems accessing the digital editions of the newspaper via my web browser or the EDP app.
  8. Please see our digital editions FAQs at www.subscriptionsave.co.uk/digital-faqs.aspx for full advice on accessing editions or contact our customer service team at archantdigital@subscription.co.uk or on 01858 438840 and we will be happy to help you.