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What the Local Recall project is all about

In the depth of Archant's vaults sit hundreds of thousands of old newspapers covering over 150 years of local and world history. From the inception of the Eastern Weekly Press in 1845, the various Archant publications have covered everything meaningful, impactful, important and relevant that happened to our side of the world.

Unfortunately, these 150 years of stories chock full of valuable lessons are, for the most part, inaccessible to the public. The Local Recall project aims to change that.

With the help of Google and local tech leaders ubisend, Archant is turning 150 years of history trapped in paper into a highly intelligent machine. We are making our history, your history, available by voice to one and all.

What years are in the bots?
What's coming?
Still to scan

The nature of some of the stories is such that some of the language used and material available could cause offence. This project reflects the views and opinions that were acceptable in a historical context and does not reflect the current view of Archant staff.

It should be noted that not all content is available and that many stories remain to be edited and submitted as part of this exciting ongoing project. You can see which years are currently available in the tables above, though you should be mindful that several stories may still require editing. The accuracy of the voice bot is also a work in progress and as such inaccuracies should be reported for correction.